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Started on Dec 12, 1998. Updated Febuary 5, 1999

Nothing new just check for any borken links.

This is an Anime site with (hopefully) pics, info, and ratings on Anime I know and seen.

Here is a quick review of how to tell what some symbols mean * this is equal to 1 star if you see one it means I liked it but it wasn't very good5=Great show/movie

Okay onto links

  • Sailor Moon *****(5)OPENED
  • Poke`mon *****(5)Opened

    links to come

  • Tenchi *****(5) (Hopefully up soon)
  • Night Warriors *****(5) (soon)
  • Neon Genisis Evangelion *****(5)
  • Devil Hunter Yohko *****(5)
  • And much, much more

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